Music: Nightcrawler’s Road Blaster (Miami Nights 1984 Remix)

Visual mix a mash up made using Modul8 – catalyzed by this great tune – and drawing the parallels between two great movies’ opening scenes (both featuring car action and buckets of cool). Driver (1978) and Drive (2011).

Wanted to experiment with live cutting of video clips to the beat and this is the result! Not editing in the tradition sense, but performed and recorded out in one ‘take’. Bless you Modul8!!

Nightcrawler’s Road Blaster EP is awesome – Nightcrawler’s original and remixes by fellow new 80’s synth folk on the top of their game (Miami Nights 84, Tommy, Dynatron, Protector 101, 80’s Stallone!!!!). All the mixes are brilliant. It’s a real treat this EP – you got to have it if in any way you like this music!

Get it here, well worth it – support:…