I was invited to Vj in one of the big top tents at Hospitality’s Drum and Base weekender in Finsbury Park, September 2016.

A strange pyramid led screen with a gap in the middle awaited me, and once I got the screen fired up, it was literally sit down and ‘go’!

I did not know the line up, who was who or what to expect – so was Vj’ing completely live, reacting to what was going on – and for 10 hours straight!

Naturally I had prepared video sets that allowed for mixing and experimentation on the ‘hoof’ – designed to flow with the high tempo of Drum & Base – but there is no audio reactive automation to my set up controlling the visuals – everything is administered by hand (and ear) live using Modul8 and my bespoke programmed controller.

Kind of hard to whittle down a 10 hour vj’ing session into a few minutes of video, but here are some highlights, featuring KEENO earlier in the day and NU:LOGIC in the evening.

Many thanks to Justin from MENO TV (http://www.meno.tv/) for getting me involved, and many thanks to Jason from 5TH DIMENSION GRAPHICS (http://www.5dg.org/) for his teams awesome camera work.