Franz Ferdinand Live @ Zenith Paris 2014 – Walk Away

As the Head Video Designer (working with Artist/Designer Kim Coleman again) I created the video content for Franz Ferdinand’s 2014 European Tour. Made in Modul8 VJ software and After Effects, then translated to a Catalyst System operated via the Lighting Designer’s Desk. Content was designed for 3 irregular screen sizes and mapped to 6 areas of video including projecting across the band themselves.

Franz Ferdinand are associated with a graphics style which nods to classic Russian Constructivist artwork. That became a solid theme in the production, as did a visual reading of a Russian Futurist/Suprematist play ‘Victory Over The Sun’ (1913).

Walk Away featured my re-imagining of classic 1920’s Hans Richter animations of which I have deep love – simple abstract gestural loops worked to the pace of the song on a tight colour palette.