Franz Ferdinand Live @ Zenith Paris 2014 – Michael

As the Head Video Designer (working with Artist/Designer Kim Coleman again) I created the video content for Franz Ferdinand’s 2014 European Tour. Made in Modul8 VJ software and After Effects, then translated to a Catalyst System operated via the Lighting Designer’s Desk. Content was designed for 3 irregular screen sizes and mapped to 6 areas of video including projecting across the band themselves.

Franz Ferdinand are associated with a graphics style which nods to classic Russian Constructivist artwork. That became a solid theme in the production, as did a visual reading of a Russian Futurist/Suprematist play ‘Victory Over The Sun’ (1913).

Michael featured my imagining of an animated sun motif, based on the thinking of Suprematism’s founder, designer and pioneer painter Kazimir Malevich. Tightly styled layered rotations produce ever changing sun motifs, with hand done irregularity to go with the flow the music.