Having made bespoke video sets for Swim Deeps 2015 tour, I was approached by the band to use the visuals made for Fueiho Boogie as an online video for use on the VEVO platform – for the release of the track and to promote the release of their new Album ‘Mothers’.

As the original video set was specifically designed for a mapped 4_3 projection stage and screen scenario I remixed the visuals to a widescreen format expected online. I toned down the original sequence a touch for the web (as opposed to the busier live stage experience).

A straight up mesmeric kaleidoscope effect I designed to compliment the forceful and never-wavering hypnotic beat orientated nature of the music – that simply rolls along to the repetitive beats of this obvious homage to elements of 90’s dance music – but given the thoroughly original vocal and instrument led approach that are Swim Deep’s calling card. Not wholly computer designed but manipulation of real imagery abstracted in a stop motion sequence style, which lends it texture and subtle colour tones.