I was commissioned to make a video set for the White Lies’s song ‘Getting Even’ for their touring show.

The broad theme was old Soviet space imagery, to be made for 5 narrow LED panels behind the band – such a narrow vertical format, with significant gaps between panels proving to be the challenge in terms of warping imagery to work across the tight limits of the set up.

Close up footage proved to be the key and I remixed imagery of the first space walk in 1965 by Cosmonaut Alexy leonov (with his striking CCCP emblazoned helmet) along with a bouncing space suited man motif, (heavily reworked from early 1960’s test footage in the development of space suits) along with some abstract motifs to suit the music. The content was primarily made in Modul8 and After Effects.

Much thanks to Brendan Clarke of Insight Lighting and the White Lies LD, Matt Waterfield for getting me involved.